A Great Chase Freqently Asked Questions and Rules


Got Questions about The Great Chase? No problem, we've got your answers covered. Check this list of the questions we hear most often and if you're still scratching your head just drop us a line.

What can I expect from A Great Chase?

Fun! Seriously though, after your team checks-in and hears all the rules you'll receive your first challenge. All teams look at the first challenge at the same time so no one has an advantage. Then off you go! You'll receive challenge cards that you have to decipher to find your next location. Once you solve the riddle, find an answer, or snap a picture you'll check-in with the a Great Chase staffer to get the next challenge on your Chase. A Great Chase is designed for people of all ages, so we give you two options per clue so that everyone has fun and follows along. If you get stuck, we're here to help. You can simply call one of our staffers to get a nudge in the right direction. When all the teams have finished the Chase we'll celebrate and announce the winner of the Chase as well as award other certificates for notable achievements.

What are the Chase prizes?

Every 1st place team wins a trophy which is more awesome than anything else in the Galaxy. They will also receive gift cards, and other accolades based on the sponsors for each event. Other prizes and awards may be distributed to Chasers based on event size.

Who can participate in A Great Chase?

Anyone over 18 can participate in The Great Chase. People under 18 can participate if another team member is over 18 with proper ID.

How many people on a Great Chase team?

Teams have either two participants or five participants. Challenges are different based on group size.

Do I need to be in shape?

Being in shape is good for life and not just A Great Chase. But being a fitness guru is not required. Public transportation and taxis are allowed in the Great Chase but at your own expense. If you want to use your own two feet as transportation the entire event you definitely can (most winning teams do!).

Will any money be required?

Other than your entry fee no additional money is required. Some Great Chase challenges will have a “free option” as well as a “pay option.” So depending on your challenge selection nominal fees may be incurred. However, you can complete the entire Chase without spending any additional money. Additionally, if you do decide to complete challenges that have fees then a team would spend no more than $30 throughout the entire event.

What’s included?

Each team will receive bottled water, clue cards, coupons and discounts to participating sponsors, and a chance at immortal and everlasting Glory as a Great Chase winner!!!!!

Can I enter A Great Chase more than once?

You can register to participate as many times as you like but the challenges will be different each time so you won’t have any competitive advantage over other teams.

What should I wear?

We think you should wear a creative costume but if you are not the creative type dress comfortably and wear clothing appropriate for the forecasted weather. The Chase is like the post office....we run in rain, sleet or snow.....hopefully no sleet or snow though!

What does my team need to bring on A Great Chase?

You will need a camera (or camera phone) and a phone (smart phones will be of great help to you). You will need an ID matching your registration to enter the race. If you registered using a social discount site like Groupon bring proof of purchase (A registration confirmation email is not proof of purchase). Bring a little bit of cash if you plan on completing challenges that cost money or using public transportation and taxis.

Are refunds available?

All sales are final. However, if you need to reschedule we will be happy to accommodate your request based on availability.

Can I change out my deadbeat teammate?

Of course. Just let us know and we’ll handle it. You will have to make arrangements with your teammate on the money owed them.

Want even more answers?

Follow A Great Chase Scavenger Adventure on Twitter and Facebook for additional clues to your challenges! If you have any other questions feel free to email us at chase@agreatchase.com

Chase Rules

Here are the current rules for participating in The Great Chase Scavenger Hunt Adventure across the U.S. Rules are subject to change, so please check back often. Updated April 1, 2015

  1. Teams of 2 or 5 will compete against each other in a contest to complete 10 challenges. The team that completes all ten challenges first is considered the winner. The team that finishes the challenges in the second fastest time will be second and so on.

  2. The First Place Team will receive a trophy and other prizes that vary from event to event. All other places receive participating sponsor discounts. Additional prizes may be offered.

  3. A maximum time of 15 minutes is allowed per challenge.

  4. A Great Chase challenge is considered complete when a Great Chase staffer awards a team the next challenge.

  5. Team members can ONLY use public transportation or taxis at their own expense, no other forms of transportation are allowed.

  6. Management reserves the right to alter the rules or schedules of this event at their discretion in the best interest and true competition of the activity.