A Great Chase is Waiting For You!

Didn’t make it on The Amazing Race? Don’t sweat it because the Great Chase is coming to a town near you! The Great Chase gives teams of 2 and 5 a chance to compete against others in a mad dash to the finish line. The Chase consists of ten (10) tricky clues and fun tasks up, down and all around your local city that will challenge each team’s wits and teamwork. This is an excellent and fun activity for friends, couples, families and co-workers.

Not that smart? Don’t worry neither are we. Got a bum leg? Stop making excuses and drop and give me twenty...but seriously if you're smart you can walk the Chase and still beat half the field. Not that smart and Got a Bum leg? Wow...ummm....wow....maybe we’ll give you some extra clues or give you a puppy or something.

Dress up in a team costume if you like and win best costume prize! Seriously dressing up in team costumes has been scientifically proven to increase mental telepathy powers and reduce global warming, so dress up, win the Chase and save the planet!

You handle the teamwork and brain power and we’ll handle nice cool water, challenging clues, groovy prizes and discounts to our participating sponsors.

Who Loves Prizes?! You do, we do...everybody does! We give away awesome awards, certificates and more!

Don’t hesitate....Motivate and Register Now!


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